Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle

Hardware, embedded software and PC software to control ROVs.

Technology highlights

  • PID motor control.
  • Embedded AVR micro-controllers.
  • Various measurement systems.
  • Communications, RS485 & RS232
  • Windows PC DLL and control software.



Materials handling ECUs.

  • Proof of concept hardware for a new family of materials handling control units.
  • Embedded software (ARM) for concept hardware and production hardware.

Technology highlights

  • ARM Cortex M4 and M0.
  • Kiel uVision, Infinion DAVE and Freescale Processor Expert.
  • CAN BUS.

Vehicle Electrical Test System

Equipment to investigate the behaviour of fork lift trucks and other materials handling equipment when electrical faults are deliberately created.

Feature highlights

  • Control of relays to open or short circuits in the system under test.
  • Monitoring of CAN BUS signals including KWP diagnostics.
  • Voltage measurement.
  • Sensors to verify the position of forks, steering etc.
  • Voltage outputs to simulate driver commands.




LED Lighting Control

A number of LED lighting control systems for use in a wide variety of situations.


  • Colour change and monochrome LED fittings.
  • Public buildings.
  • Theatres.
  • Outside spaces and fountains.
  • Private homes.



Pelvic floor exerciser consisting of a control unit, treatment unit and PC application.


  • Handheld and battery powered.
  • LCD touchscreen.
  • Wireless control of treatment unit.
  • USB connection to PC.
  • Transcutaneous electrical stimulation.
  • Download of treatment data via USB.
  • Report generation.
  • Email data (enciphered) to practitioner.



Vehicle Intercom

To provide a means of communication between the inside and outside of a vehicle cab.

Technology highlights

  • Embedded AVR micro-controller.
  • Digital volume control.
  • LED display.
  • Class D amplifiers.